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Screw the Nut

Screw the Nut 3

Screw the Nut is a game that will let you realize how difficult it is to screw the nut.  Try to roll it to the bolt and you’ll find out! The player needs to move the nut to the bolt by clicking on the elements and making them disappear. This is an unlocking game that will test your puzzle solving skills. There are different tasks to complete each level. The player can monitor the time it takes for him to finish his current level. The player can always restart the level.

The player can only [Read More...]

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Shoe to Wave Tessellations


I was fascinated to see this tessellation masterpiece of Oscar’s. It is a nature themed artwork and it clearly displays his brilliant ingenuity and talent. I find this tessellation artwork of Oscar’s fascinating because of the gradual transformation of waves into shoes and vice versa. Oscar has created this twist with his tessellation in order to stupefy the spectator.

About the Shoe to Wave Tessellations

This illustration exhibits the expertise of Oscar in photo manipulation and character design. I have learned that this illustration has been included in many talent displays and art galleries. Moreover, Oscar has created this tessellation [Read More...]

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Hexagon Unlim by FMC Studio


This is a fun and challenging puzzle game that uses a great combination of logical and pictorial imagery to stretch your brain to the limits. If you enjoy some good old brain training but find you are a visual person, this digital download is perfect for your collection. You begin with a series of colored grids in each new game, and the final goal is to create a tree with branches in essence to complete the puzzle. Each of the parts of the tree must be connected which may seem generally simple but as the grids increase in complexity you [Read More...]

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Another Dimension


I have been a fan of these 3D Illusions for several years. I recently came across Another Dimension and even though it was published back in 1994, it is as good as any I’ve seen. If you like these images, this book is sure to please you. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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Spherigears – new version

Spherigears – new version combines the ideas of the Sphere Gear puzzle which is a mechanical maze puzzle by Oskar and Bramboules. The combination was suggested by Bram Cohen. Spherigears has four spherical gears that each rotate with three degrees of freedom. The cage can be folded open in two ways, such that the spherical gears mesh in pairs, either AB-CD or AD-BC. After scrambling, the object of the puzzle is to get all spheres back to their original orientation.

This is actually a second prototype of spherigears, it features sets of spheres split in two and they are enclosed [Read More...]

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Curly Cube – Brain Teaser Metal Puzzle


The best way to describe Curly Cube – Brain Teaser Metal Puzzle is to say it is simply “pulchritudinous”!

When I first picked up this puzzle, I was amazed at its pure beauty. I held it, turned it over around and let its shapes mesmerize me. I didn’t know if it was going to be easy or difficult to take apart and reassemble. At first, I looked for something that might be the “key” to unlocking its mystery, but there was nothing readily apparent. I finally got it apart and the [Read More...]

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Siamese Mirror Cubes

Siamese Mirror Cubes is a very interesting puzzle toy. You can guess by its name that there is more than one puzzle cubes, Siamese cubes are joined cubes. This puzzle toy features great colors for each puzzle cube. You will love manipulating this puzzle cube because the layers of the cubes are very smooth to turn. This toy can be a very good brain teaser and a great way to enhance your mental skills.

They may look intimidating but in fact they are not difficult to play especially if you already know how to solve a 3x3x3.  Siamese puzzles [Read More...]

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