Tantrix is Back

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Tantix is back. You can buy the Tantrix puzzle/game online at buy tantrix at amazon and in a lot of toy stores. More information about how to play tantrix can be found at the Tantrix Website.

Conventional games of strategy like chess are based on pure skill and the outcome between players of different ability is not in doubt. In Tantrix, there is both skill and an element of chance. The best player usually wins, but not always! While three or four player games are often more fun socially, the two-player version is more skillful and preferred by tournament and master players. Before you start, each player must choose a color: red, yellow, green or blue.

The objective of Tantrix is to make the longest line (or even better, a loop) of your chosen color. To begin, all 56 tiles are placed in the bag and each player takes a tile at random. Whoever has the highest number starts. Each player picks up five additional tiles at random so that they have a ‘hand’ of six tiles. The tiles are placed face up on the table in front of each player and must be visible to the other players.

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