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Solve Rubik’s Cube on your Mobile


You can not carry your cube with you all time. But when you have your mobile always with you Morrix Cube is the solution for you.

At Passion for Puzzles mobile cube page you can download Morrix Cube for your mobile. By experience I know that Morrix Cube does not work on all mobile devices but you can give it a try. The requirements for Morrix Cube are at least: 1. a mobile devices like Mobile Phones and PDA’s 2. Java 3. And have a color display size of at least 128 x 128 pixels. Happy Puzzling!

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ABC’s Lost Online Jigsaw Puzzles


For all fans of the ABC’s LOST TV series there are four LOST jigsaw puzzles available in flash.

When you solve the LOST puzzle within ten minutes you can download a LOST wallpaper for free. So if you are a real LOST and puzzle lover solve all four and download the wallpapers. Happy Puzzling!

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Passion for Puzzles Sudoku


All pictures of my puzzle collection can also be viewed via Flickr.

Becky created a very nice application to use Flickr photo’s for a Sudoku puzzle. For the ones who love to solve a Sudoku with pictures of my puzzle collection from Flickr just click here and type at the bottom of the page ‘puzzle’ as picture tags and ‘passionforpuzzles’ as username.

Don’t forget, all credits are for Becky. Happy Puzzling!

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Da Vince Code Ruling Cracked


“It’s not usual practice for a High Court judge to issue a ruling in which he has hidden an encrypted message”. That’s a quote from one of the articles about the ruling concerning the book “The Da Vinci Code”. The judges hide a secret message in the ruling (the pdf version can be found here). Judge Peter Smith put a secret message in the ruling of 71 pages by putting some letters in italic. The first letters formed the words “Smithy Code”, referring to the title of the book of Dan Brown.

A group of lawyers found a number of [Read More...]

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Hexafex Puzzle


A new kind of puzzle called hexafex was mentioned at puzzlinks. After a few busy weeks today I found some time to check out Hexafex.

After solving a few Hexafex I can say I like them but not as much as Sudoku. The puzzle area where you are working on is smaller than at Sudoku and you just have to count till six.

The objective of Hexafex is to place numbers one to six in 6 triangles around each circle in the Hexafex puzzle. I recommend you just visit their website to try [Read More...]

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Xbox Puzzle


Probably for a lot of readers this is an old puzzle but for the ones how don’t know this one yet it wil be 10 levels of puzzle pleasure based upon the Xbox 360.

You only have the clues provided with each level to make it to the next level. Just be creative and look wherever you can (page source, URL etc.). Happy Puzzling!

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Flash Puzzle


A lovely flash puzzle for the smart ones.

You start with five pieces and you’ll have to figure out how to fit them into the square. They may touch each other but any overlap of the pieces is not allowed. Five pieces and one square should be easy but be aware

Instructions: To rotate, hold SHIFT-key and click your left mouse button. Happy Puzzling!


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