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Esc. – Online Puzzle Game


Esc. is a difficult three-screen point and click puzzle game and is made by the Japanese programmer YCC.

This is a game you can solve or not and you will find out very soon. You start in a prison cell and as the name of the game already tells … you need to escape. Enjoy the puzzle or get frustrated. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle Woman


What more can you see when you see art, especially when it is inspired by a puzzle. Just watch and enjoy or not.

The title (in Dutch) is “Puzzel vrouw” translated in English “Puzzle Woman” and is created by Karin Arink. Happy Puzzling!

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In a previous post I already mentioned Puzzle Japan where I found my favorite Slither Link Puzzle books.

At Puzzle Japan they have much more number puzzles and if may say so the are all Sudoku look-a-likes. One of my favorite puzzle right now is Hitori. The rules are simple: 1. Numbers never appear more than once in each row or column. 2. Painted cells are never adjacent in a row or a column. 3. Empty cells create a single continuous area, undivided by painted cells.

And the best thing is you can also solve Hitori puzzles [Read More...]

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Sudoku Song


Just for fun and for all Sudoku lovers you can find a video at about Sudoku.

If you are still looking how to solve all Sudoku’s visit Passion for Puzzles Sudoku Solutions page.


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M4 Sudoku


The answer to the Question “How to solve the world largest puzzle” is given on

The world’s largest Sudoku puzzle was constructed on a hillside near Chipping Sodbury in the UK, very close to the Bath exit of the M4 motorway. The Sudoku is visible to motorists traveling Eastbound towards London.

The size of the puzzle measures almost 85 meter square. The solutions to this Sudoku and a larger picture of the Sudoku can be found at


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Stave Puzzles – Hand-Crafted, Customized Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


For people who love jigsaw puzzles and especially handcrafted and customized jigsaw puzzles there is Stave Puzzles.

As they say at Stave puzzles: “they love to drive crazy with wooden jigsaw puzzles. Whether you’re looking for a puzzle to distract you from life OR if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who’s impossible-to-buy-for, you’ll find it at Stave.” All their puzzles are crafted by and that shows in the price you will pay for a puzzle. For a handcrafted puzzle of 75 pieces (size 7″ x [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Cube Records


Always wanted to know who was the first world record holder for restoring Rubik’s Cube or who is world record holder for solving Rubik’s Cube with his feet only?

All Rubik’s Cube records holders are shown at Happy Puzzling!

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