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As you probably noticed this website contains Google Ads to cover the costs of hosting this website. Once in a while I check out the ads to see if the ads are still relevant.

Today I saw a link to physlink.com and took a look at it. They have an e-store with games & puzzle section. In there I saw a very nice magnetic cube called Q-bism magnetic puzzles. The Q-bism puzzle is a 3-D, magnetic puzzle with 27 cube shaped pieces.

Physlink.com describes this puzzle as “a profoundly puzzling puzzle! This innovative magnetic puzzle is comprised of many three dimensional cubes which join together to form one large cube.

The trick to solve the puzzle is to match up the many different cubes colorful patterns with other matching cubes patterns. The forces of magnetism, working with and against you, as well as the colored graphics on each of the six faces of the smaller cubes, serve as a guide to solving a Q-bism puzzle, which can only be solved one way.”

Are you also interested? Just check Physlink.com’s estore.  Happy Puzzling!

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