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Last weekend I received a birthday present although my birthday was already two weeks ago.

The present is a wooden puzzle called Katamino Luxe. It consist of 12 different shapes of wood which are also made of different kinds of wood and therefore different colors. They are called Pentaminos.

The puzzle is solid and looks very nice, this puzzle will last forever (which I can not say for my Sudoku Cube). The are you can use to play on the board game can be made bigger while you get from one level (called pentas) to another (this can be done by a so called slider).

For each level the numbers of the puzzle pieces you can use are given and with those puzzle pieces you have to fill the area available on the board. The total number of solutions are more than 36.000 so this will keep me busy for a while. Katamino is already added to my puzzle collection and soon also solutions for Katamino will be added. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Buy Katamino Deluxe at Amazon.com

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