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Scramble Squares By B.Dazzle


Scramble Squares by B.Dazzle Inc. are easy to play but hard to solve puzzles. The puzzle consist of 9 square puzzle pieces and they call it “perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle”.

B-Dazzle Inc. offers you also the opportunity to play and solve Scramble Squares on-line. Don’t forget you can not only re-arrange the puzzle pieces but also rotate them by clicking on them. Scramble Squares is more than a sliding puzzle.

For me this puzzle is not really new I already have a more difficult and large version [Read More...]

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Plinx – A Puzzle For Your Mind


At a personal webpage called Lightforce I found a very nice flash puzzle called Plinx and as they say: “A puzzle for your mind”.

And at Lightforce they are right. Plinx is a Flash version of the old DOS puzzle called Pinx. Plinx got 20 mind breaking levels.

They objective is to place the boxes to their corresponding shapes in the bar at the bottom. Happy puzzling !


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Sudoku 3D – Rubbish Cube


Today I added Sudoku 3D to my puzzle collection. To be honest it is just a puzzle for the collection, nothing more and nothing less it’s rubbish.

The name of the puzzle made me buy the puzzle but basically it has nothing to do with Sudoku. It is just another Rubik’s replica with the numbers one to nine on each side. No colors just boring grey with numbers.

The puzzle is from Bananafactory although I wouldn’t call them designers but I will come back on that one later. They just made the link between [Read More...]

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Kokonotsu (Sudoku for Smarties)


For the real Sudoku lovers and smarties (as the creator’s of Kokonotsu call them) there is a website at kokonotsu with every day a new online Super Sudoku Puzzle.

They call the Super Sudoku “Kokonotsu” which is a 9-letter word and meaning “nine” in Japanese. The difference between Kokonotsu and a normal Sudoku is that there is a fourth and fifth dimensions added to the normal Sudoku. Next to the normal numerals 1 through 9 you have to place in each row, column and 3×3 square.

Kokonotsu adds the two major diagonals. Also, there is a Magic Puzzle [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Magic


First of all I have to say that I don’t understand one word, but this Rubik’s Magic video is so magical.

Update : Video has been removed, please find your favorite Rubik’s Magic video at YouTube

Buy Rubik’s Magic at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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Mobile Solitaire


One of my favorite website for mobile puzzle games is GetJar. They have tons of Java games and puzzles you can play on your mobile phone or any other mobile device.

Solitaire is a simple but nice puzzle especially for kids. Just download the files and upload them to your mobile.

You can also try to solve the online version of Solitaire at our online puzzle game page. Happy Puzzling!


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The Puzzle Layout Problem


For people working on visualizing puzzles and creating user interfaces for puzzles I found a very well explained document (pdf version) written by Kozo Sugiyama, Seok-Hee Hong and Atsuhiko Maeda and published on their website of the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney in Australia.

They described two abstract models of puzzles called permutation puzzles and cyclic puzzles, which can be modeled as puzzle graphs. They also discuss a method for constructing symmetric layouts of puzzles, as symmetry is the most important aesthetic criteria for the puzzle layout. Happy Puzzling!


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