Sin and Vengeance – Puzzle Book by CJ West

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“Sin and Vengeance” is a book written by CJ West and offers you more than a normal book. Within the text two messages are hidden and the first person to decipher them will earn up to $ 1000.

You can follow the treasure hunt via on the 22 West Books Web site. You must find subtle clues in the book that leads you to the starting place of each message. Then, you’ll have to experiment to find the right interval between the letters of the message, bypassing most of the letters that make up the story. When you get it right, the hidden messages will be revealed.

The contest was created this way to foil computer experts who might try to crack the codes using computers. All that’s needed to solve the puzzle is CJ West’s book, “Sin and Vengeance” a pencil, and lots of determination.

Common-sense clues can be found on the on the 22 West Books Web site, at book signings, and occasionally via email and Web postings.

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