Sudoku 3D – Rubbish Cube

Today I added Sudoku 3D to my puzzle collection. To be honest it is just a puzzle for the collection, nothing more and nothing less it’s rubbish.

The name of the puzzle made me buy the puzzle but basically it has nothing to do with Sudoku. It is just another Rubik’s replica with the numbers one to nine on each side. No colors just boring grey with numbers.

The puzzle is from Bananafactory although I wouldn’t call them designers but I will come back on that one later. They just made the link between Rubiks Cube and the nine numbers of the Sudoku Puzzle.

Sudoku 3D looks boring and is made of very poor materials. I even wonder if there is a rotating mechanism inside, although it seems to be from Germany. The Sudoku 3D I bought can be hardly rotated and the numbers already fall of when I got the puzzle out of the package.

This is not a toy for children and not even for adults if you want to use it. A few tips for Banana Factory : If you are so called designers then make toys you can play with. A grey puzzle with white numbers I would not called designed. I Think Sudoku 3D is just rubbish!

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  1. dingfelder September 28, 2006 at 04:09

    I got one of those, and can do “normal” Sudoku puzzles… but the cube is insane!

    Does anyone have any tricks for solving the Sudoku cube?

  2. passionforpuzzles January 20, 2007 at 07:32

    The correct link to how to solve Sudoku cube (by paul):

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