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GeoPuzzle is a new puzzle, invented by a former international aid worker, to help children learn African geography in a hands-on manner.

The Africa GeoPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle map of Africa and the Middle East, with individual pieces shaped like countries. As children assemble the puzzles, they learn about each country from Algeria to Zimbabwe while building cognitive, problem-solving, fine motor, and language skills.

“Lack of geographical knowledge is a big hole in our educational system,” says Bob Galinsky, a former international aid worker and founder of GeoToys. “And in the case of Africa, the hole is the size of the Grand Canyon. Clearly, we can do a better job in this country of teaching our kids about the world, and the first thing we need to do is to make geography fun.”

GeoPuzzle is designed by art professor Karina Cutler-Lake for children 4 and up, the Africa GeoPuzzle contains 65 brightly colored pieces that fit together to create an entire continent. The Africa GeoPuzzle, which includes the Middle East, is the latest in the line of award-winning GeoPuzzles of major continents. Europe and Asia are already available, with North and South America due in August of 2006.

GeoPuzzles are available online at Timberdoodle, as well as at fine toy retailers (for a list, visit Geo Toys). [Via Prweb] Happy Puzzling!

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