Build your own Rubik’s Cube with LEGO


This amazing piece of work I found via The Goldfish Online. As well as Martin James Howard from the Goldfish Online as Maarten Steurbaut build a working Rubik’s Cube by using Lego and are both AFOL’s (Adult Fans Of Lego).

Maarten explains on his website by using a lot of pictures how he designed and build his Rubik’s Cube which weights more than 6 kg (6.6 pounds) and in still able to rotate.

The only downside is that the internal axes, which enable Rubik’s Cube to rotate, are too weak. Each cube size (in Lego) is 8x8x8 so the total size of the Lego Cube is 24x24x24. Maarten also built a smaller (4x4x4) version of Rubik’s Cube with Lego and also described how he builds this one. Happy Puzzling!

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