Sli-Fi releases Super Tile Sudoku for Mac

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Macgamestore and Sli-Fi Games have partnered to announce the release of Super Tile Sudoku for Mac.

Super Tile Sudoku combines fresh, cool graphics and the interactivity of tile games, with over 25,000 brain-busting Sudoku puzzles! It’s especially designed for all skill-levels; so whether you’re new to the game – or a total Sudoku junkie.

The game features three difficulty levels, varying themes (change on the fly Beach, Pool and Forest themes), a game timer, note options, and a hint feature. Super Tile Sudoku includes a check puzzle feature, the ability to clear the board, a solution option, save/load functionality, original music, and documentation that covers rules as well as strategy.

Super Tile Sudoku is priced at $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Happy Puzzling!

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