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If your are looking for a lovely personal gift for a puzzle lover than the Cryptex is something for you.

The Cryptex is modeled after a device believed to have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci as an instrument for delivering private messages. A secret code unlocks the cryptex (by aligning the seven rotating tumblers in a sequence matching the code), providing access to a hidden-chamber key in which a gift-treasure is placed.

It is also possible to arrange the characters on the tumblers such that “hidden codes” (words or other character sequences that appear on other tumbler faces when the secret code has been correctly dialed in) or “dummy codes” (words or other character sequences that can be dialed in but that won’t unlock the cryptex) exist.

Your (personalised) Cryptex is available at Encrypta Gifts in several versions made of different kinds of wood, additional personalization options and packaging.

You can also try to solve Cryptex online with the help of a riddle or even a serie of e-mail hints.

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  1. passionforpuzzles November 13, 2008 at 20:23

    Thanks for the link to a digital Cryptex.

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