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Modern TV detectives are a pretty soft lot. The officers in the likes of CSI and Waking the Dead seem to be far more interested in laboratory work than the no-nonsense shouting and shooting of The Sweeney and Dirty Harry. But there’s good news for one of the old school hard nuts: Kojak is set to make a comeback via the mobile games scene with Kojak Mobile Puzzle.

The Kojak game, currently in production from Ojom, places you in the role of the lolly-pop-sucking detective as you solve a series of brutal crimes. The action is played out in an adventure style, requiring the crime fighter to visit numerous locations, interview suspects and review evidence.

Such exploration is broken up by a series of six mini-games covering different areas of the case. These mini-games – ‘Identikit’, ‘Chain of Evidence’, ‘Call Intercept’, ‘Break the Cipher’, ‘Car Chase’, and ‘Shooting Range’ – will combine puzzles and reaction-based challenges, and thus promise to add variety and longevity to what’s an intriguing and apparently ambitious hybrid title.

So, who loves ya baby? Well it’s still a little early to tell, but rest assured we’ve marked Kojak’s case file for special attention, and we’ll be pursuing our enquiries in earnest before its release later this year. Happy Puzzling!

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