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Anyone remember the game MetaSquares? Over 100,000 people played it during the year it ran on America Online (1996-1997).

MetaSquares is a two-player board game designed by Scott Kim for Metacreations, makers of Kai’s Power Tools and other graphics software.
MetaSquares is a bit like tic-tac-toe, but instead of trying to get three in a row you are trying to get four in a square. Two players take turns placing pieces on an 8 by 8 board. When a player gets four pieces at the corners of a square, the square is drawn in and the player gets points. Squares may be any size or tipped at any angle. Bigger squares get more points.

The game is easy to learn, challenging to master, and beautiful to watch, thanks to nifty artwork from the Metacreations folks. You can play with anyone else logged into the same network, and even chat with them as you play. The more you win, the higher your rating.

You can still find MetaSquare on a website called for Peer-to-Peer play. At Scott Kim’s website you can also find a download for a Unix version of MetaSquares and some links to tutorials for the best technique and strategy to play MetaSquares. Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Anonymous August 20, 2008 at 18:41

    its now an iPhone game. Its $2.99 on the App store

  2. passionforpuzzles November 13, 2008 at 20:22

    Thanks for your comment that this game is now available for all iPhone puzzle lovers.

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