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Yesterday I received an email from Michael Jensen who is looking for beta-tester for two new puzzle he invented called WORDI and WordiPRO. As puzzle lover I tried to solve a few puzzles and I can not say that I really like them. Next to that I don’t think Michael invented new Wordi Puzzles but just made a combination of word puzzles which already exists.
Till now most puzzlers who’ve tried them so far think they’re pretty fun, even addictive. They say they’re not hugely challenging, just quite satisfying.

WORDI Puzzles:
Intersect the ten words provided. Words will read horizontally (five rows) and vertically (five columns). Question mark blocks may be a letter or a blank, and do not spell new words.

WordiPRO Puzzles:
The same as WORDI, except you must discover the top row word. Only nine words of ten are provided. About five times harder than a Wordi.

You can test more than 1000 WORDI puzzle randomly for free on the Wordi and WordiPRO website. Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Michael Jensen July 27, 2006 at 21:02

    Thanks, Passion, for the posting. Sorry you didn’t get pulled in by the puzzles. Did you try the more-simple Wordis, or the more-challenging WordiPRO puzzles?

    Regarding the “invention”: I’m not sure there’s much original in the world, but I haven’t found tight word-mesh puzzles like this, with the words provided for the puzzler to interlock, to date.

    I’ve got a few other variants (much more complicated) that I may bring out later that are probably more “original,” but if you can point me to other word puzzles like these, I’d be appreciative!

    Finally, anyone who wants to beta-test the puzzles, or the so-called “business model” of the puzzles, or even just the design of the site, can do so using the “sign up” link on the site. Just say “don’t email me” in the comment, if you don’t want to be included in mailings later on. Any perspective is valuable.

    Again, thanks for the mention in the blog — and happy puzzling!


  2. passionforpuzzles July 27, 2006 at 21:21

    I also tried WordiPRO, but as much I like puzzles, WORDI is just not one of my favorites.
    Trying to develop a new puzzle is hard, I am also working on a puzzle and it is very hard to be original. Try to think out of the box, but most of the time the daily things just inspire you the most.

    Good luck and happy puzzling with WORDI and WordiPRO.

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