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Lara Croft’s Puzzles Paradox


Game maker Eidos PLC has released a new collection of screenshots for the mobile game ‘Lara Croft in Puzzle Paradox’ (only for JAVA enable mobiles).

Puzzle Paradox sees Lara use all her puzzle-solving skills to complete a series of problems aimed at casual gamers. There are three different puzzle styles in this game: one with a ‘Sudoku’ influence, one involving light and mirrors (simulair to the mobile game the Da Vinci Code Light Puzzle), one matching runes and symbols.

Next to the tilte background animated graphics are [Read More...]

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Bedlam Cube


Usually, when you mention cube puzzles, everyone thinks of Rubik’s Cube. This time we are talking about Bedlam’s Cube. T

he word Bedlam means chaos. Like all great puzzles, the concept is simple. Take a cube and, with the use of a high tech saw, slice it into thirteen cunning 3 dimensional geometric shapes. Take it apart, and then put it back together.

Well yes, it would be except there are 19,186 different ways of put the Bedlam Cube together. The Bedlam Cube is so easy to start, but so difficult to master. There are various versions of the Bedlam [Read More...]

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FischerTechnik Rubik’s Cube Solver


Almost half a year ago I already posted an item about a Rubik’s cube solver build and programmed with Lego’s Mindstorm.

Well more toys can be used to solve Rubik’s cube. FischerTechnik can also be used to solve Rubik’s Cube. Professor Artur Fischer invented FischerTechnik in 1964 and it was supposed to only be a Christmas gift for customers and business partners.

The system is based on a basic building block, which can be built out or built on on all six sides, just as you wish with angle blocks, static parts, numerous electronic components [Read More...]

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Jigsaw Puzzle Cufflinks – Get Dressed To Puzzle


At cufflinks dot com they sell all kinds of cufflinks for every occasion, even for people who love to show their passion for puzzles they have three different kind of puzzle related cufflinks.

The first pair of cufflinks brings the party to your wrist. A great way to pass a flight. You have to match the loose balls to their home color and you win.

The second pair of cufflinks you can use during a meeting when you are bored. Turn up your wrist and navigate the three balls into the crown.

The third and last pair [Read More...]

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$200,000 To Solve Rubik’s Cube


Ever wondered how many different states of Rubik’s Cube are possible? Well you need a computer to record that. And you know what, you can get money for that.

A computer institute has been awarded $200,000 in order to solve the legendary eighties puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube. Director of the Institute for Complex Scientific Software at Northeastern University in Boston, Gene Cooperman, is studying Rubik’s Cubes as a way of setting up machines to study combinatorial problems in science and operations research.

He wants to record as many different states of the Rubik’s Cube as possible, which he says will [Read More...]

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Kakuro Quest Puzzle for Mac


Lost Sock Games released Kakuro Quest for Mac.

Kakuro Quest puzzles resemble crosswords or Cross Sums that use numbers, rather than words. Players must fill all the blank squares in the grid with only the digits 1-9, ensuring the numbers add up to the corresponding clues. The Grid grows from 7 X 7 to 10 X 12, challenging players to fill the grid to complete the puzzle.

The game features unlimited puzzles, a “Quest Mode” via map play with increasing difficulty, and the ability to print out puzzles to solve them on paper.

More information on how [Read More...]

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<no>circles</no> – Online Puzzle Game


Circles looks simple but can very frustrating flash puzzle and is created by Different Cloth. Via the circles homepage you can choose between the first version v1 and the latest version v3.764 of circles.

Both version have their own rules and for each level the rules can be different. Just be creative to find your way to the next level. Happy Puzzling!


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