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I Was In A Beam


In a previous post in informed you about The Wasabi Code which starts at July 21st 2006.

The puzzle begins with a simple anagram “I Was In A Beam” which is really simple if you look at the domain name of the Wasabi Code website. Hopefully the real Wasabi Code is more interesting. Happy Puzzling!

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Gunpey Returns – Puzzle Game


There’s a new puzzle game on the handheld horizon today, with Namco Bandai announcing it will bring Gunpey to both the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. The game is expected to hit both systems this holiday season.

Gunpey’s puzzle gameplay is as follows: lines of various angles climb up the screen, meaning the player’s objective is to flip the lines, which are located in squares, to connect them over five columns. Connecting lines from left to right removes the connected row (think Tetris), and if an incomplete line reaches the top of the screen the game ends. Gunpey is an [Read More...]

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Be prepared for The WaSabi Code


Taking a note from the successful Dan Brown novel, Wasabi Anime will be producing a uniquely planned scavenger hunt called “The WaSabi Code” for this year’s Anime Festival Orlando (July 28th-30th) at the Wyndham Orlando Resort on International Drive. Anime and puzzle fans will compete for hundreds of dollars worth of 2007 anime and pop culture convention tickets.

The puzzle begins with a simple anagram (that will be available at on July 21st) which will be a clue for solving the other puzzles in the Anime Festival Orlando convention guide. Once all the puzzles are completed, players will discover [Read More...]

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Godoku – a letter sudoku puzzle


The Hidden Staircase Mystery Books website has a weekly Mystery Godoku puzzle.

Godoku is similar to Sudoku, but uses letters instead of numbers. The goal of Godoku is to fill in every empty box with one of nine letters. Each letter can appear only once in each horizontal row as well as in each vertical column and in each of the nine 3×3 grids. Some letters are always provided to get you started.

Finally, they also give you a mystery clue to fill in a complete row or column. It is [Read More...]

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Women Love the Word Game


In a previous post I already questioned if women do puzzle more. Most studies I found say so, women play more online puzzles than men, although if you look at puzzle competitions held all over the world most are dominated by men. Studies show that women spend as much or more time playing games on the web. Some of the Games of choice are word games.

Most people think men play the most online games. But a study conducted for AOL in 2004 revealed that women over 40 play the most often and spend more [Read More...]

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Wooden Sudoku Board


This Wooden Sudoku Board I found via Sensory Edge. The Table Top Wood Sudoku Board doesn’t require pencil or paper.

This all wooden version of the addictive logical puzzle game allows you to solve it yourself or get help from others with two sided large tiles and a gaggle of small tiles for your possibility matrix. The game features: - 81 Double Sided Two Color Counters - 81 Mini Counters for multiple choices - A Sudoku book with 100 puzzles - 4 self adhesive board buffers - 1 Velvet counter bag

I think for children this is a much better and nicer [Read More...]

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Puzzle Bookshelf


Puzzle Bookshelf by KidKraft is a unique piece of child’s furniture in primary colors.

This imaginative puzzle shaped bookcase is a great place to store children’s books, toys, and collectibles. With this bookshelf a child’s room can be functional and fun.

The pieces are interchangeable and can sit side by side if you’d rather set them up horizontal. Size: 25″ x 11.5″ x 37.5″

Buy Puzzle Bookshelf from Happy Puzzling!


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