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In a previous post I already questioned if women do puzzle more. Most studies I found say so, women play more online puzzles than men, although if you look at puzzle competitions held all over the world most are dominated by men. Studies show that women spend as much or more time playing games on the web. Some of the Games of choice are word games.

Most people think men play the most online games. But a study conducted for AOL in 2004 revealed that women over 40 play the most often and spend more hours playing than both men and teens. The study concluded that while men spent more time per week than women on the Internet, women over 40 spent 41 percent of their online time playing games. Interesting to note is that the study found women players preferred word and puzzle games over the casino, arcade and sports games that appeal to men. It is was also thought that the social interaction appealed to the online game play for women. Partly via prweb.com. Happy Puzzling!

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