Wooden Sudoku Board

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This Wooden Sudoku Board I found via Sensory Edge. The Table Top Wood Sudoku Board doesn’t require pencil or paper.

This all wooden version of the addictive logical puzzle game allows you to solve it yourself or get help from others with two sided large tiles and a gaggle of small tiles for your possibility matrix. The game features:
– 81 Double Sided Two Color Counters
– 81 Mini Counters for multiple choices
– A Sudoku book with 100 puzzles
– 4 self adhesive board buffers
– 1 Velvet counter bag

I think for children this is a much better and nicer version to play with than Rubik’s Sudoku I already discussed in a previous post. Happy Puzzling!

UPDATE : You can also buy a Wooden Sudoku Board by Sam Lloyd at Puzzle Master Inc..

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