1,000 puzzles for your mobile in the UK

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O2 and Puzzler Media, the publishing firm behind around 50 puzzle titles, are to provide downloadable Sudoku, Kakuro and crosswords through the mobile phone giant’s O2 Active portal. Puzzles for your mobile will be available to download to O2 handsets, with the option of inviting friends to form a mini-puzzle league, enter competitions and win prizes.

Puzzler Media said users would be able to access more than 1,000 puzzles from its archive, with new ones being added daily. The Puzzler Portal, which is available via O2 Active, will offer downloadable puzzles costing 50p a time.

The Puzzler Portal on O2 Active is the new go-to destination for mobile puzzles. The puzzles are fun, easy to access and play, and provide hours of entertainment. via BrandRepublic. Happy Puzzling!

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