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One thousand years ago a famous polymath, astronomer, cartographer and all round genius named Shen Kua was a passionate game player. His passion was GO, the ancient game of skill and chance played on boards of 19×19 squares, but also other sizes including 9×9, the same as in the Sudoku puzzle. Shen was so fascinated by the game that he was the first person to calculate the number of possible moves in the game despite not having a zero in the Chinese numbering system.

Shen’s innovations included the grid reference system for maps, and it was this fact that inspired the development of a game – based on the SuDoku puzzle – that involves several of Shen’s innovations, including the grid references, to form what Shen himself may have developed had the SuDoku puzzle been around in his time. In honor of Shen, the game is named after him.

Shendoku™ is a game for two or more players, it can be played anywhere and is available in various forms, initially as a book on sale at, but soon to be released globally in its first internationally published volume. In development are games for the PC and mobile phone, in single player and multi player versions, and most excitingly in a format being developed by rorohiko – who also produce the generators for Shendoku game grids – that involves allocating players a personal code for playing and registering their scores on regional, national or global scoreboards.

The object of this development is to generate a means for selecting players for a TV Game Show format, currently being refined by the original development team, and soon to be available to production companies. More information on this can be sought via the website.

Shendoku™ is available for syndication through the highly acclaimed and for publishers looking to generate game grids themselves, generators and templates can be acquired through – the sole source for Shendoku™ game generators and developers of the on-line, computer and mobile game versions.

Look out in the coming weeks for a board game version to hit the Internet. will be the source for information and news of new releases will be posted at shendoku dot com. You can also buy Shendoku puzzle books at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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