Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS

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Astraware Sudoku is a great game for beginners and experts alike. And with the thousands of puzzles you can download and the Sudoku of the Day feature, you will never run out of Sudoku puzzles to play.

– Easy to learn, difficult to master
– Thousands of puzzles wherever you go
– Different difficulty levels let you pick the game that’s right for you.
– “Puzzle of the Day” not only ensures you have new puzzles each day, but also lets you compare your performance to others.
– Astraware Sudoku web site has a wealth of information on playing Sudoku

– Puzzles aren’t uniquely identified, so you can’t easily compare your performance on a specific puzzle against another user (unless playing a Sudoku of the Day puzzle)
– Would like more information about the puzzles that have been installed, including information about how many puzzles have been solved and how many remain. Happy Puzzing


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