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At you can’t ‘solve online Life Sudoku’ puzzles for free anymore as the service has been discontinued.

Update from : Though well-loved by the LIFE staff, Sudoku didn’t fit into the redesign of, but click around the site to try out our new games like “Real or Fake.” We may develop a photo version of Sudoku in the future. Stay tuned.

This online version of Sudoku offers you some very interesting options. Next to the Sudoku puzzle with four levels (easy, medium, hard and expert), you’ve got instructions, the option to print the Sudoku puzzle, add a background and the option to use pencil marks and hints. So almost all you need to solve a Sudoku puzzle.

If you still wonder how to solve Sudoku’s then don’t forget to visit Passion for Puzzles Sudoku Solution page. Happy Puzzling!

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