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Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS


Astraware Sudoku is a great game for beginners and experts alike. And with the thousands of puzzles you can download and the Sudoku of the Day feature, you will never run out of Sudoku puzzles to play.

Pros: - Easy to learn, difficult to master - Thousands of puzzles wherever you go - Different difficulty levels let you pick the game that’s right for you. - “Puzzle of the Day” not only ensures you have new puzzles each day, but also lets you compare your performance to others. - Astraware Sudoku web site has a wealth of information on [Read More...]

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Free Sudoku Puzzles


At Sudoku Puzzles you can find each day eight free Sudoku Puzzles which you can solve online.

Next to that they offer also blank Sudoku grids, printable versions of each Sudoku puzzles. And different levels of Sudoku (Easy, Medium, Hard, Tough and Sudoku’s for kids (4×4 and 6×6).

If you want to learn how to solve Sudoku’s don’t forget to visit Passion for Puzzles Sudoku Solution page. Happy Puzzling!


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Puzzle F for Teenagers


Puzzle F is teenage furniture designed by Katja Lipicnik and Jason Batson from the UK. According to them Puzzle F is furniture combined with a puzzle.

This project resembles how children play, creating pictures out of their environment by using what exists there. Puzzle F is a set of cushions, covered with printed textiles, that can be used as individual seats, or combined together to make a couch, a sofa, a screen, the possibilities are many. Each cushion has a part of a picture on each of itt’s six faces. By arranging the cushions in a particular way different [Read More...]

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Play Blokus Online For Free


The Official Online Blokus Game can be found at the official Blokus website ( ) and can be played for free. You just have to register and you can play online for free. All of the rules and player tips can be found at this site along with a “Demo” and “Help” menu.

You will see that the game area is renewed with our two Blokus games: - The Blokus classic (4 colors) that you can play either with two or four players - The Blokus [Read More...]

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