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Courage, Taste, a Brain, a Heart, a Home. If you know the odd one out of this classic grouping then perhaps you should be playing the brand new game based on the enigmatic world of Perplex City.

Gameplay involves players (or teams) answering a range of questions against the clock, including anagrams, potluck, number trivia, word play and visual puzzles. The object of the game is to collect six colored glass stones scattered across the “city”. Opposing teams can then challenge opponents and relieve them of their stones. The first team to collect all six wins.

Fun and challenging, the new board-game can accommodate up to 24 players, and with over 1,200 puzzles included in the pack, there won’t be any shortage of brain teaser questions to stump players.

The game, launched by puzzle design agency Mind Candy, is an extension to the Perplex City brand (the cross media game that’s part puzzle mystery, part treasure hunt) and can be played independently of the main £100,000 treasure hunt.

Beautifully designed using contemporary patterns and pastel colors, Perplex City: The Board game, supposedly heralds from ancient “Perplexian” history and includes an 8-page mini-magazine with background information on the game and the world it originated from. Launching this October, the game will be available exclusively online at, the purveyors of quirky games, unusual gifts and cool gadgets. Available at firebox. Happy Puzzling!

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