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A month ago I already blogged about Shendoku. Now you can find at Rorohiko (is the Maori word for computer) a beta version of online Shendoku.

Shendoku Trainer is played by the same rules as Sudoku: you need to resolve a grid of 9×9 cells. Each cell contains a digit between 1 and 9, in such a way that each digit 1-9 only occurs once in each column, on each row, and in each marked 3×3 square.

During the game you get to choose which ‘hints’ to uncover. You can select a cell, and ask the computer to reveal the hidden digit. This is unlike Sudoku, where the person who creates the puzzle determines what hints you start with.

Enjoy designing and solving Sudoku’s at the same time. Happy Puzzling!

Update: You can also buy Shendoku puzzle books at Amazon.

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