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Designers at GRID – part of the Innuendo Design team – have launched a new concept in Sudoku Books. Called the Sudoku Saver, the new book offers a range of options for saving, restarting or reusing Sudoku puzzles.

The concept couldn’t be simpler, a book of grids, predominately empty ones, that enable the Sudoku addict to either save a puzzle to solve later, from a newspaper, off the internet, or wherever. The saved grids can be completed at any time, and there is the option of copying one from a newspaper that you are doing today, and then do it again in the future when you have forgotten the solution.

Their idea is to offer a customised version of the book as a kind of Day Minder that allows the user to keep diary information, notes, thoughts and ideas while also saving Sudoku grids.

This is a new concept in corporate gift ideas, and will be followed by a range of other items, mailny game related, and a range of diaries, day-books, and customisable items that can be ordered in the original form, or as customised products. Initially they are looking for feedback on the concept and can be contacted directly at the email shown separately.

A dedicated website will be launched in October and a full range of items will be available for purchase for the Christmas season. Via Newswiretoday. Happy Puzzling!

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