ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball

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ISIS Adventure is possibly the most difficult puzzle in existence and is the brainchild of Dave Thomas and Andrew Reeves.

Isis is an interactive mind game which involves players having to open an alloy ball which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. Every ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball is unique, and handmade in England by precision engineers. There are literally millions of combination’s and the game promises to challenge the most astute and intellectual of minds.

If you crack the combination and you will reveal a special key inside, which has a unique serial number stamped on it. The key will open one of the ISIS golden pyramids which are hidden in secret locations throughout the UK. Each golden pyramid contains thousands of pounds – a gold coin worth £500 and a number of silver coins worth £20 each.

You can buy Isis and Ramisis (Isis 2) at Happy Puzzling!

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