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After yesterdays article about Scramble Squares today another article about an Award Winning Puzzle called Lonpos by Mic O Mic Americas Inc.

According to Dr. Toy this is a unique puzzle that challenges children to strategic games in two formats: 2D, where there are 76 pre-set problems to solve (you can set your own additional ones) and 3D Pyramids, where there are 25 pre-set problems to solve (again, you can set your own additional ones).

To play 2D games, take out the 12 colorful pieces of puzzles from the box and put them on the tray. To play 3D games, turn over the box with the pyramid puzzle board facing upward. Find out the problems, set the problems and then solve the problems.

There are 101 puzzles included, all in one conveniently sized box that is great to take along for on-the-go fun. It is actually possible to set up over 360,000 problems with this one pocket-sized game. Develop your child’s strategy skills while improving eye-hand coordination and motor skills while they engage in creative play.

While intended for 8 year old and up, the Instruction Manual says that it is OK for children aged between 3 and 8 under adult supervision. Therefore, in classrooms, teachers could use the demonstration board to help younger children develop the skills for which the game is intended (it has an enlarged instruction manual which is laminated to prevent its wearing out from frequent use). They could then pass a regular-sized game to each child and set a problem for them to solve. Whoever finishes first could win a small prize.

It is a good competitive game for children and adults – children against children, children against adults, and adults against adults.

Not only can it be a competitive game but it can also be a cooperative effort, especially where the more difficult problems are concerned (where positions are pre-determined for only a few puzzle pieces). In these instances, where one person is stumped, another might have a different approach to offer.

Buy Lonpos from Amazon.com. Happy Puzzling!

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    Thanks for adding a link to a website where you can buy Lonpos Online in Europe (the website is available in German and English).

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