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Free Sudoku for your Mobile


At you can find a free version of Sudoku for your mobile next to other puzzles and games. Just find your favorite puzzle game. Best part of this mobile version of Sudoku is that there are (virtual) unlimited number of grids so you will never end up with the same grid over and over again.

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Triangle Aquarius Puzzle – Wooden Puzzle


Thanks to a gift from my brother another wooden puzzle has been added to my puzzle collection.

The new triangle Aquarius puzzle is a wooden puzzle version of the Magic Triangle Puzzle which I already have in my puzzle collection.

Only difference is that this wooden version is with a fish print and the other triangle puzzle is with a frog print. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s Cube Improves Business Efficiency


A few months ago I already wrote about Gene Cooperman who received US$ 200.000 to solve Rubik’s Cube. But there is more behind the story.

Researchers are striving to help companies improve efficiency by studying the puzzle of all puzzles: the Rubik’s Cube. By using a lot of computers to solving Rubik’s Cube.

Armed with at least 64 microprocessors and 20 terabytes of space, a professor from Northeastern University in Boston will try to do just that by recording as many states of the Rubik’s Cube as possible.

The project may seem [Read More...]

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Sudoku Master – New for Nintendo DS


Sudoku Master for Nintendo DS will be release at October 27th 2006. And the best part is that all Sudoku’s come from Nikoli. The best hand-made Sudoku supplier there is.

Sudoku master has a intuitive touch-screen controls that make solving the puzzles faster and easier than ever. And more than 4000 Sudoku puzzles, all of which were hand-picked by the Sudoku masters at Nikoli.

You can buy Sudoku Master (Nintendo DS) from Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Cube Documentary


Jeff Hsieh made a very nice documentary about speedcubing, featuring Peggy Hsieh, Jeff Hsieh, Kylee Hall, and Adhish Yajnik.

The documentary is a journey through a speedcubing world. The tell passionate about speedcubing, what got them started, what they plan to do with speedcubing in the future, what others think about speedcubing and much more.

You can watch this speedcubing documentary at Myspace. Happy Puzzling!


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Play Futoshiki puzzles Online


After finding a website where Stephen Lang’s will blog week the Futoshiki puzzle from the newspaper “The Gardian” every week.

I received today a comment from Puzzlemix referring to a website called where you can solve Futoshiki Puzzles online for free. Downside is that they not yet explain how to solve Futoshiki puzzle and also do not have different levels of Futoshiki puzzles. But this is coming soon.

Buy Futoshiki Puzzle Books from Happy Puzzling!


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ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball


ISIS Adventure is possibly the most difficult puzzle in existence and is the brainchild of Dave Thomas and Andrew Reeves.

Isis is an interactive mind game which involves players having to open an alloy ball which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. Every ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball is unique, and handmade in England by precision engineers. There are literally millions of combination’s and the game promises to challenge the most astute and intellectual of minds.

If you crack the combination and you will reveal a special key inside, which has a unique serial number stamped on it. The [Read More...]

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