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Jeff Hsieh made a very nice documentary about speedcubing, featuring Peggy Hsieh, Jeff Hsieh, Kylee Hall, and Adhish Yajnik.

The documentary is a journey through a speedcubing world. The tell passionate about speedcubing, what got them started, what they plan to do with speedcubing in the future, what others think about speedcubing and much more.

You can watch this speedcubing documentary at Myspace. Happy Puzzling!


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  1. passionforpuzzles July 24, 2007 at 11:26

    Mail from Jeff Hsieh himself:
    – – – – – –
    Hey there,

    I was just browsing the internet and I came across your site and noticed that you had a link to my Rubik’s Cube Documentary on myspace. I just thought I’d acknowledge that and say thanks for spreading the word for me! Much appreciated!

    ~Jeff Hsieh

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