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After three editions of Sudoku for Dummies, there is now Extreme Sudoku For Dummies available. Extreme Sudoku for Dummies will teach you to complete a killer puzzle in 85 minutes or less!

You can test your skills against some of the most deviously difficult puzzles ever devised. Inside the book you’ll find 236 of the trickiest, most demanding puzzles ever published, including several unusual variants like the normal 9×9 puzzles, 12×12 puzzles, 16×16 puzzles, Vanquish jigsaw Sudoku, Conquer killer Sudoku and Master circular puzzles.

Extreme Sudoku for Dummies also describes different techniques for solve Sudoku puzzles like Naked Pairs, Naked Triplets, Hidden Pairs, Hidden Triplets, Moving On with Intersection Removal, Xs and Ys, X-Wings, Chains, and Rectangles, The X-Wing Family, Swordfish, Linking Up the Chains, Y-Wing, XY Chains and Unique Rectangles.

If this is already too much for you please read our basic hints and tips to solve Sudoku Puzzles.

Buy Extreme Sudoku For Dummies which contains 360 pages and costs $ 9.99 at Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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