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Impulse is a new logic puzzle game from Taparo and is now out and ready to put PC gamers on the edge of the fun kind of frustration. In Impulse, your goal is to hit a target using a ball. Sounds like been there, played that kind of game? Not really. Here’s the twist. You must use the principles of gravity to direct the ball through a course filled with many obstacles of different sizes and nature. The path to scoring ranges from the simple to the deliciously intricate.

You can also make the ball hit your target via an explosion caused by a bomb which you can place anywhere. The bomb has a special timer which you can set. This comes handy when you come across real brain-twisting situations. Impulse has an entire arsenal of bombs to satisfy any game extremist: explosive bombs, implosive bombs, bounce-bombs, and teleporter (which delivers the ball to a specified place.)

Impulse is a tough nut to crack with its eight complex episodes (16 to 24 levels per episode). Download the free trial version of Impulse and see if full version of Impulse (US$ 19.95) is your kind of addiction. Happy Puzzling!

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