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JUSTIN THYME is one in a googolplex! After all, how many books proclaim that their author is yet to be born … or have a title that reads exactly the same when it’s turned upside-down?

Even the title character is a world away from the clichéd under-dog orphan of standard kid lit; Justin is a self-made billionaire living in a castle overlooking Loch Ness. The day he turns thirteen he sets about converting his vintage motorbike into a time machine, little realising the strange sequence of events this will trigger. (Think “Monarch of the Glen” meets “Back to the Future”).

Using a lifetime’s experience devising complex picture-puzzle books, author Panama Oxridge has created a baffling whodunit with a cast of quirky suspects, including: a gender-ambiguous cook, a mercurial Scottish laird, an ex-royal butler and a computer-literate gorilla. Cunning clues are concealed amongst shoals of red herrings – and all the evidence is illustrated, allowing the reader to examine it for themselves. It’s a novel wrapped in an enigma and disguised as a mystery. Can you solve it … just in time?

Justin Thyme available at Amazon.co.uk. Hardback ISBN: 0 9553570 0 4 – £12.99 – for ages 9-13. Happy Puzzling!

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