Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan

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Namco’s Scrabble clone ‘Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan’ is already released in the arcades as well as for PS2 and GBA, it was a launch title for the PSP and even had a Xenosaga version, Xenopittan, included in the awesome Xenosaga Freaks variety game.

Like Scrabble the game is about using tiles to form words, but with added specific goals like “fill every square” or “make 10 three-letter words in one minute” and a sweet combo system. In addition to being able to use the touch-screen (which should be a huge bonus), Mojipittan DS adds a “picture book” mode into the mix: essentially a touch-screen encyclopedia of miscellaneous information.

After completing a level shaped like a cocktail glass, for example, players will receive a picture book of cocktails that, when individually touched, will display relevant information on the top screen. Even Mojipittan is trying to make you smarter these days. Via Pocketgamer. Happy Puzzling!

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