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Storing all your deliciously quaffable wine isn’t easy if you haven’t got a cellar. And we’re talking about a proper wine cellar, not some dank space under the stairs filled with paint cans and old bags of cement. So unless you live in a French chateau the obvious solution is a wine rack, because as well as holding your fermented bottles, a wine rack is the ideal way to show off your magnificent collection when friends come visiting.

Problem is, pine racks and twisty metal affairs are more boring than cheapo Liebfraumilch. Step forward the amazingly funky Puzzle Wine Rack, a stunningly smart modular storage system that renders old-style racks utterly obsolete.

Injection-molded in tough transparent ABS polymer, the Puzzle’s ingenious modular design means that several units can be slotted together in endless configurations, both horizontally and vertically. Each rack holds nine bottles, but link them together and the sky’s the limit. If you’re a real wine freak you could construct an entire wall of Puzzle racks. And thanks to the nifty interlocking design, multiple Puzzles can be arranged to fit into awkward spaces.

Created by award-winning designer Gideon Dagan, the Puzzle has been causing a kerfuffle at various design shows around the US. And that’s hardly surprising as it really is an aesthetically striking bottle-stacker. And because it’s modular you won’t have to spoil your surfaces with excess bottles – simply purchase a few more Puzzles and get creative linking them together.

Available in two classy colors (Cognac Amber and Noire Smoke), the Puzzle Wine Rack (dimensions 50x50x12cm) is destined to become a design classic and available at FireBox for GBP 35.

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