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Domino Sudoku


Recently I noticed in my website statistics some people coming from a Spanish weblog

Here I found another example of a Sudoku variant called Domino Sudoku. Although the text is in Spanish I don’t think an explanation on how to solve this Domino Sudoku is necessary.

Just combine the rules of Sudoku and Domino to solve this puzzle. Happy Puzzling!

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Tilelander Puzzle Action Game


Tilelander is a new puzzle and/or action game for windows. It can be played as a puzzle (when you are in a puzzle mood) or as an action game.

You have to save Tileland from the invasion of the evil Xyzon empire by filling tile areas and using special items such as blasts, remote controls and generators to complete level after level. Tilelander has the following game features: - A game that can be played as a puzzle (think before every move you make); Or in a furious wipe-them-all urge. - Levels are progressively unlockable and there are four difficulty settings for [Read More...]

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Flip Five – Online Puzzle Game


Flip Five is a Japanese online puzzle game. To be honest I don’t understand a thing on the web page, but I do understand the game.

Just turn all the nine tiles so you see all nine tiles (in a grid of 3×3) shows the figure five correctly. Just click between to tiles to flip them around. Nice games with a limit number of moves, so be careful before you make any move. Happy puzzling!


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Magis Puzzle Carpet


Satyendra Pakhalé designed in 2005 this puzzle carpet available in three different designs (Water, Grass and Sand).

This Italian Puzzle Carpet comes in soft expanded polyethylene coupled with polyester fabric, is 36cm by 36 cm and is 1.5cm thick. (14″ x 14″ and 0.6″ thick). Price including VAT is £9.49.

Available via Panik Design. Happy Puzzling!

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Wooden Wine Puzzler – Don’t Break The Bottle


Don’t Break The Bottle is the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

Object of this puzzle is to first remove a wooden enclosure before you can open the bottle of wine locked. It’s not a puzzle for yourself but for friends, you can watch them struggle to remove the rope with wooden balls before they can open the wine bottle.

Lovely puzzle, though you have to install the puzzle yourself on a wine bottle and that the instructions are not that clear because they show how to [Read More...]

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Oskar’s jukebox clickmaze puzzle


Clickmaze is a Java applet to be able to play clickmaze puzzle Jukebox online.

Jukebox is a mechanical puzzle by Oskar van Deventer. The object of Jukebox is to insert colored coins in the correct order into the juke-box (at the top) such that they drop out into the right colored baskets at the bottom.

All red coins should drop into the left red basket and all blue coins should drop into the right blue basket. The switches flip the coins left and right.

Can you drop the coins into the correct colored coin baskets and keep the music of [Read More...]

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Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku for PS2


World most famous Sudoku solver Carol Vorderman will talk you through a number of topics including: An introduction to Sudoku: Learn the origins and rules of Sudoku puzzles. And a step-by-step guide on how to play Sudoku.

Carol Vorderman will lend a hand and help you solve an entire Sudoku puzzle from start to finish.

Hints and tips: Gain knowledge on how to become a great Sudoku player. Tutorials for every level of player, if you’re a master or novice, find out how to improve your game with live action, easy to follow tutorials.

Multi-player Hot seat and wireless play: [Read More...]

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