20,000 Slitherlink Puzzles for Free

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At mindgames you can download for free a program to play and solve Slitherlink puzzles. Also you can download 20,000 slitherlink puzzles for free.

The Slitherlink program helps you solve existing Slitherlink puzzles as well as create new ones. Slitherlink (also known as Fences, Dotty Dilemma and Loop the Loop) is a logic puzzle played on a rectangular lattice of dots. Some of the squares formed by the dots have numbers 0 to 3 inside them.

The objective is to connect horizontally and vertically adjacent dots so that the lines form a single loop with no loose ends. In addition, the number inside a square represents how many of its four sides are segments in the loop. In this program you can create new puzzles manually or automatically. Automatic creation offers unique puzzle each time with different levels of difficulty.

Solve a puzzle manually or let program solve it. Save puzzles in different file formats and print puzzles and solutions. The only downside is that the program has a puzzle size limitation of maximum 12 rows and 12 columns. You can download Slitherlink for free and 20,000 free puzzles at Mindgames. Happy Puzzling!

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