Build your own Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube

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If you are looking for a nice DIY project during the Christmas Holidays than you have to take a look at the instruction on how to build a Magnetic Rubik’s Dice Cube.

The detailed instruction in eight steps, needed equipment and the complete part list are available at the Instructables website.

The non-symetrical nature of some of the die patterns gives the magnetic dice cube an extra element of strategy not present in a regular Rubik’s Cube. This variable of rotation is an aspect of the “sudocube,” but the magnetic dice cube is easier to solve, because each face contains identical figures, and every cubie is unique – two properties of the original Rubik’s Cube that are not carried over to the “sudocube.”

To build the magnetic Rubik’s dice cube will cost you around US$ 60 and of course some spare time. Happy Puzzling!

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