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CombinationLock dot com is a free online interactive logic number puzzle game designed to provide stimulation, relaxation or just pure entertainment whenever there are a few minutes to spare. As a great new alternative to Sudoku and other number puzzles, CombinationLock can be played alone or with other players across the globe in simultaneous Multiplayer mode.

Players are presented with the image of a combination lock which can be unlocked by using clues to enter the correct digits into the reels (from two to six depending on the level of difficulty selected). The unique Multiplayer mode allows puzzlers from anywhere in the world to race to complete the same game, with the same clues, at the same time. Once one player has successfully solved the puzzle, the other player(s) can continue to play until they too have finished.

In addition to the multi-player mode, the game can also be played as ‘Practice’ or ‘Solo’. In the ‘Solo play’ mode, players complete three games sequentially as the locks are opened. Additional clues to help solve the puzzle can be received by clicking on the ‘Add a Clue’ button. The site automatically stores players’ best times and shows how they compare with other players both in the same country and across the world. The best players are also highlighted on the home page of CombinationLock dot com.

The game doesn’t use Macromedia Flash, requires no downloads or plug-ins and is thus instantly accessible without coming up against firewall problems. Combination Lock requires no registration. The site offers also includes a chat facility. Via Yahoo Finance

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