Gordian’s Knot named best puzzle of the year

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ThinkFun is a leading creator of mind-challenging games and is proud to announce that Gordian’s Knot has been named Best Puzzle of the Year by Games magazine. The honor was published in the magazine’s “2007 Buyer’s Guide to Games”, which includes a list of the top 100 non-electronic games of the year.

“Your hands and mind will find it hard to let go of this unique brainteaser by ThinkFun until you discover its secrets,” said Robin King, contributing editor to Games magazine. In addition to this esteemed award, Gordian’s Knot was recently featured on the popular CBS show, Numb3rs. The puzzle also hit newsstands in the November 2006 issue of Redbook, listed in The Toy Insider’s 2006 holiday gift guide.

“We are thrilled that Gordian’s Knot has been so well received since its inception into the market,” said Ralph Cuomo, President and COO of ThinkFun, Inc. “ThinkFun is proud to accept these prestigious honors, and we look forward to the continued success of this product.”

About Gordian’s Knot: Launched in 2005, Gordian’s Knot is known as the world’s toughest brainteaser. The challenge is to unravel all six pieces of the puzzle, and then put them back together. With 69 different moves required to take the puzzle apart, this popular brainteaser is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and beginners alike. Gordian’s Knot can be purchased at select independent toy and gift stores, select national retailers and ThinkFun.

Gordian’s Knot is puzzlers of eight years and up and costs around US$ 10. [Via eMediaWire].

Buy ThinkFun Gordians Knot from Amazon.com or from PuzzleMaster.ca. Happy Puzzling!

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