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At a Dutch website called Mega Gadgets I found an announcement for a new puzzle. For everybody who played with Rubik’s Cube when they were young there is a new and more difficult challenge called Im-Puzzle-Ball.

The Im-Puzzle-Ball is as the name suggest almost impossible to solve. The object of this 3D maze puzzle is to move two balls from one side (entrance) to the other side (exit).

Therefor you have to rotate the Im-Puzzle-Ball which consist of 26 rooms. A ball can only move from one room to another room is the colors of both “doors” are the same. Im-Puzzle-Ball is already for sale on Gadgets UK for UK £9.95 (Euro 14,00 / US$ 18.50) . Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Thomas December 28, 2006 at 19:07

    I can’t help feeling a little smug! I got this for Christmas and managed to finish it off before the day was over!
    However, it is a very hard and fun puzzle. Well worth getting for any puzzle fans out there!

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