Mr Reach In The Mouth Of Mystery

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Today I received an email from Brad who is working for Fuel Industries. He loved Passion for Puzzles but missed some links to quest games. Well and quest games is exactly what his company develops ;-)

Fuel Industries specialized in developing casual and advergames. Mr Reach is one of their advergames. Advergaming is the practice of using games, particularly computer games, to advertise or promote a product, organization or viewpoint. In Mr Reach Fuel Industries make a match between the possibilities of dental product and a game. In the case of Mr Reach you have to use dental products like a toothbrush, a flosser and clean paste to solve the quest. Your task is to help Mr. Reach travel around uncovering clues and solving the mystery of Mr. Reach’s missing friend, Jerry the Narrator.

Best thing about is that there is a learning aspect for kids so the can see it’s fun to use dental products and that you can win some prizes (e.g trip to Caribbean Island of Aruba) but for that you have to register .. and there is a commercial part again ;-)

Go to the Mr Reach website to solve the quest or go to YouTube if you want to see the In The Mouth of Mystery Trailer.

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