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Last weekend I received an invitation to test Pure Sudoku Deluxe. A Sudoku games which allows you to solve Sudoku’s on your PC.

Pure Sudoku Deluxe offers you everything you could wish for as a Sudoku Player. Five different Sudoku levels (Novice, Very easy, Easy, Intermediate or Difficult), 43 different backgrounds, smooth game play, hints and a lot of other options you definitely would like.

One of the best options is that you can save your Sudoku, for example if you are stuck. Sometimes it helps to let the Sudoku go for a while and look later on again to the puzzle. Also you can print Sudoku puzzles.

You can download a free version (with more than 20,000 free Sudoku puzzles but less options or download the Deluxe version for US$ 9.99 at Very Free Sudoku dot com. Happy Puzzling!

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