Rubik’s Cube for Linux

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For all Rubik’s Cube lovers who want to solve Rubik’s Cube using Linux now Rubix 1.0.5 is available at softpedia. Rubix runs under X11.

The program will auto-load the file “rubix.dat” which will be created when you save your current game. This enables you to continue from where you stopped.

You have to save the file in the same directory. You can run rubix -l saved_game.dat to change the default directory.
Run “rubix -h” to have the commands during the game.

At this moment Rubix is not able to solve Rubik’s Cube for you. If you know a solution to program this, Sed would love if you send it to him.

More information how to install Rubix under Linux is available on the website of Softpedia where you can also download Rubix. Happy Puzzling!

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