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Impossibottle – puzzles in a bottle


Today I received an email from Merlin Dunlop about a website with a lot of information about impossible puzzles including a lot of pictures of different kind of impossible puzzles.

Most impossible puzzle consist of a object within a bottle, the only question is: how did it get in and how will I get it out of the bottle. I will already tell you that Merlin will not uncover the way how to make such a bottle puzzle. Happy Puzzling!

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First Sudoku Guiness record?


In Vancouver (Canada) Joe Defries will try to solve puzzles on a game board that’s 450 feet long and three feet wide (150 meter x 1 meter). He’s going for the Sudoku record for the Guiness people. There is no official record holder for this one yet.

He will work at the puzzle for a minimum of 24 hours this Sunday the 5th of September, raising money for B.C. Children’s Hospital at the same time. Joe Defries is already in the Guiness Book of World Records for solo hand-bells. He rang them for 28 hours and [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume


Via Daily DIY I found a description on how to make your own Rubik’s Cube Halloween costume.

There is also a Flickr photo set available with pictures of all steps there are to make your own Rubik’s Cube Halloween Costume. Probably too late for this year, but maybe you can already start to build your own Rubik’s Cube costume for next years Halloween. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Bloxx Twister – Mobile Puzzle Game


Rubik’s Cube twister is a new puzzle game for your mobile from Living Mobile. If the only way you could ever solve the Rubik’s Cube in the real world was by taking it completely apart, and then sticking it back together with the colors in the right place. Then is game is not for you ;-)

Thankfully, it won’t be necessary in this new game from Living Mobile. Although based on the Rubik’s Cube, it’s not the actual cube-fiddling mechanic, in much the same way that Lego Bricks on mobile didn’t involve building a petrol station or moon-base.

Actually Lego [Read More...]

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Sushi Sudoku


Sushi Sudoku is just another variant of the world famous Sudoku puzzle.

There are four different levels and you can select numbers (original), characters or Sushi to play with. The rules just stay the same and the graphics are just perfect. Check our “how to solve Sudoku puzzle” page if you want to know how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

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Monochrome Lines Puzzle


On my quest for puzzle which can be solved by people with color blindness also know as Daltonism.

Next to Same Game I found another puzzle game for people with Daltonism. The game is called Monochrome Lines. Due to the colors and the symbols used in each balls it can be played by people with color blindness and people with a monochrome monitor.

Object of the puzzle is to make lines of five balls (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of one kind of ball. After each move 6, 7 or 8 [Read More...]

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Puzzles For Your Pets


According to the makers if the IQube Cagey Cube also your pet loves to solve puzzles.

By giving your pet the IQube Cagey Cube made by the Kyjen Company your they develop and strengthen eye-paw coordination skills as your pet discovers how to remove the squeaker shapes from inside the Cagey Cube.

It will keep your dog entertained, active and busy for extended periods of time, eliminating boredom. Helps to satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey as your pet repeatedly removes the squeaker shapes from inside the Cagey Cube.

For additional fun and variety, [Read More...]

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