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SuDoku was just a warm-up …


One thousand years ago a famous polymath, astronomer, cartographer and all round genius named Shen Kua was a passionate game player. His passion was GO, the ancient game of skill and chance played on boards of 19×19 squares, but also other sizes including 9×9, the same as in the Sudoku puzzle. Shen was so fascinated by the game that he was the first person to calculate the number of possible moves in the game despite not having a zero in the Chinese numbering system.

Shen’s innovations included the grid reference system for maps, and it was this fact that inspired [Read More...]

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Free Online Puzzle Games


If your are only reading Passions for puzzles’ weblog than please take also a look at other pages of Passion for Puzzles.

At our Online Puzzle page you can find more than ten online puzzle games you can play online for free like, Simon Says, Self programmed TopSpin, Samegame, Pannerotto, Rubik’s Cube and much more logic puzzle games. Happy Puzzling!

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Acer Media Player With Sudoku


It looks like Acer is still trying to create a slight ripple in the DAP/PMP market by switching up its marketing strategies to target the legions of Sudoku fans out there.

The addition of a handful of built-in games does make their new 20GB MP-340 player more appealing than the company’s previous offerings…assuming you’ve been blessed with superhuman eyesight, that is. Even though no one could comfortably view anything – much less a grid-based puzzle – on a 1.8″ TFT (262K colors, 160 x 128), the player supports ACV videos (and you have tons of those, right?), JPG images, and [Read More...]

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Sudoku for Mac


Dracosoft’s Sudoku is a challenging number-puzzle game filled with logical solutions, and analytical answers.

Based on the popular Japanese number game, Dracosoft’s Sudoku not only includes the “Classic” number-puzzles, but we have also included two other modes for added merriment.

Select “Random” mode for amorphic puzzles, and “Chaos” mode for completely wild challenges. These additional modes will challenge even the most skilled Sudoku player. Dracosoft’s Sudoku will leave you thinking numbers all day long. Via Dracosoft. Happy Puzzling!

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Kakuro Software for Mac


Buku Kakuro Software has released for Mac, a challenging number puzzle solved in a crossword style grid. The game is also known as Cross Sums, presenting black squares that contain the sum of the adjacent white squares.

Buku Kakuro puzzles features: - Hours and hours of addictive Kakuro puzzles - Create and solve your own puzzles. - Make your own playing boards or choose various themes - Easy to learn “How to Play” mode teaches you how to solve the mathematical combinations - Three difficulty levels and hint modes

All puzzles offer a unique solution, and all are solvable by logical methods with no guessing [Read More...]

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3D Sudoku For Your Mobile


3D-Sudoku is a modern version of current hit-game for your mobile. While every cell of one puzzle is entered, game tells you if you’ve gone wrong at some point. Solve the puzzle perfectly to add it in the cube, get the cube rolling and step to the next level. Solve every side of the 3D-puzzle cube and be the Sudoku-champion!

Compatible with the following devices: Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500, Nokia E50, Nokia E60, Nokia E70, Nokia N71, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N91, Nokia N92, Nokia N93 for $8.99. Happy Puzzling!

Via All About Symbian

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JigZone – Free Online Daily Jigsaw Puzzles


JigZone offers you free online daily jigsaw puzzle with thousands of beautiful pictures and puzzle cuts.

Each day you can choose the level of difficulty of your jigsaw puzzle from a simple six piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut with different kind of puzzle pieces. You can always find a picture you like to create an online jigsaw puzzle.

There are different categories like Animals, Art, Flowers & Gardens, Holidays ,Nature Scenes, Ocean Life, Sport, Transport, Travel and Things.

And if you want to share your passion for puzzles you can always [Read More...]

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