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Nurikabe paints a fresh puzzle challenge on your mobile


Bored of Sudoku? Kakuro just too easy? Then maybe you should try Nurikabe from Breakpoint games, which puts a fresh gloss on those number grid puzzles.

The aim of the game is to help Dr. Tetsuo paint squares of the grid-laden walls of his laboratory with either white or blue paint. But you can’t just slap the matt around as you might do at home (and don’t even talk to him about stenciling or a terracotta wash). You have to fill the grid in accordance with strict mathematical rules to create islands of white amidst the color.

Sounds a bit [Read More...]

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Fly – Moving Jigsaw Puzzle


This nice Flash jigsaw puzzle called Fly Puzzle designed by Harada Yasunori.

Fly puzzle is not a regular online jigsaw puzzle with just a few jigsaw puzzle pieces, but a jigsaw puzzle with a moving background.

The jigsaw puzzle itself is not a difficult puzzle but it just add some extra dimension to solving an online Jigsaw Puzzle. Happy Puzzling!


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How Smart Are You? [Part Two]


This Is Part Two of How Smart Are You? That is the title used in Belgium for an advertisement for Nintendo’s DS Big Brain Academy.

It is printed on a postcard with seven pieces you have to be removed from the postcard to form a swan. Funny how they use an old fashion way of advertisement for a new technology. Click on postcard for a full version of the postcard. Text is in Dutch but I think it’s clear what the object is (difficulty: *** out of *****).

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Vlaemsch Jigsaw Table


This Jigsaw Table by Linde Hermans (Vlaemsch label) is a one flat piece of steel with coating, in a L-form, with the ends of both legs welded in such a way that they join together again to form a cube and a table.

An infinite number of the puzzles can be linked, to any sort of constellation. Vleamsch Jigsaw Table is available in the colors Yellow, Sandy Brown, Nearly Black, Nearly White, Pistachio and Midnight Blue at for Euro 155 a piece. Happy Puzzling!


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Number Logic – One of the 50 coolest sites


According to Time dot com, Number Logic the Sudoku portal is one of the 50 coolest websites. They describe this Sudoku website as: “Caught up in the current Sudoku craze?

This site offers a hefty supply of puzzles to tackle. Work independently or compete head-to-head against other registered users. There are three levels of difficulty; the site will time you (there’s a pause button if you need to take a breather) and, if you wish, “validate” your answers (and highlight any mistakes). You don’t have to sign in to use the site but you do if you [Read More...]

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Puzzled [bERT&dENNIS] – Jigsaw Puzzle Chairs


Puzzled is a modular seating system, simply add jigsaw puzzle look-a-likes pieces to grow your sofa as needed.

Bert & Dennis are Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch, both Dutch designers of some very nice contemporary chairs and seating systems and specialized in design furniture. Happy Puzzling!

Via Design Spotter

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Free Sudoku CD


Okay, No Lunch is for free, and I don’t know if there is a catch.

But what I do know is that you can order a Sudoku CD for Free at Think All dot com. According to ThinkAll “The game is fully customizable, so you can select the colors and design exactly how you like it – once or every time you play. At any time during a game, get hints, check your progress or simply solve the game”.

As well as Windows as Mac OSX operating system is supported. The CD comes with 10 other [Read More...]

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