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Sudoku Statistics


Ever wanted to know how many different Sudoku grids are possible? Then you have to visit Frazar Jarvis Sudoku enumeration problems page explaining how he calculated some Sudoku Statistics including a description of the program they used to calculate all figures.

Just to give you a hint, there are 6670903752021072936960 different Sudoku grids. Happy Puzzling!


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Magic Sudoku


At Mathpuzzle dot com you can find Magic Sudoku by Alexandre Owen Muniz.

Magic Sudoku contains only 9 numbers (1 till 9). The rules of standard Sudoku apply: every row, column, and 33 square must be filled in with all of the numbers from 1 to 9. But with the following two additional restrictions: - Both of the main diagonals must also contain every number between 1 and 9. - Each number inside the polyomino (blue cells) must be no larger than the number of blue cells in its 33 square. Conveniently, this number is the given in that 33 [Read More...]

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Sudoku Breakfast Presentation


If Sudoku isn`t maths, why are we so intrigued by it? This is an interesting question raised by the University of Queensland. They will tempt new talent to Sudoku and help addicts hone their skills.

The day starts in the Eleanor Room, University of Queensland Staff and Graduates Club, with a glass of bubbly on arrival, a tasty hot breakfast, good company and two fantastic speakers: Professor Anne Street and Associate Professor Diane Donovan. Specialists in combinatorics.

More information at the University of Queensland Event page. Happy [Read More...]

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The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Puzzle Books


Some memories from my childhood popped up when looking at the website of Monkeying Around loaded with dot-to-dot puzzles.

You can download some free dot-to-dot puzzle and you can also buy “The Greatest Dot-to-dot puzzle books in the World” with brilliant puzzle designs for your children. These Dot-to-Dot puzzle books will keep your kids busy for hours full of puzzle fun.

Buy The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World at Happy Puzzling!

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How Smart Are You ?


How Smart Are You? That is the title used in Belgium for an advertisement for Nintendo’s DS Big Brain Academy.

It is printed on a postcard with seven pieces you have to be removed from the postcard to form a square. Funny how they use an old fashion way of advertisement for a new technology.

Click on postcard for a full version of the postcard. Text is in Dutch but I think it’s clear what the object is (difficulty: *****).

Buy Big Brain Academy for Nintendo DS from  [Read More...]

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1,000 puzzles for your mobile in the UK


O2 and Puzzler Media, the publishing firm behind around 50 puzzle titles, are to provide downloadable Sudoku, Kakuro and crosswords through the mobile phone giant’s O2 Active portal. Mobile versions of puzzles will be available to download to O2 handsets, with the option of inviting friends to form a mini-puzzle league, enter competitions and win prizes.

Puzzler Media said users would be able to access more than 1,000 puzzles from its archive, with new ones being added daily. The Puzzler Portal, which is available via O2 Active, will offer downloadable puzzles costing 50p a [Read More...]

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Puzzle Japan vs Nikoli


During a regular check on the PassionForPuzzles web site I found out that the Puzzle Japan website does not longer exist (broken link).

You are kindly requested to visit the Nikoli website. I think this is strange because last month they gave free access to all their puzzles (like Sudoku, Kakuro and nurikabe) as posted by Puzzlinks and Zotmeister. So it is time to update your bookmarks. Happy Puzzling!

You can also buy other Nikoli Slitherlink puzzle books from


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